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Why Join a Fraternity? What is the value of Fraternity Membership?

I. Supplements Academic Educations

  • Teaches interpersonal skills
  • Teaches how to get along with others
  • Teaches mutual respect and understanding
  • Offers business training “hands on” experience
  • Teaches financial management
  • Offers challenge of acting in real-world situations

II. Personal Development

  • Offers small group interactions
  • Forms deep and lasting friendships
  • Increases social activities and contacts
  • Provides confidants and advisors in time of need
  • Gives sense of satisfaction from group accomplishments
  • Exposes one to a variety of people
  • Not limited to one type of group
  • Focuses on development of the whole person
  • Develop organizational skills
  • Teaches the acceptance of responsibility

III. Continued Loyalty

  • Foster loyalty to the alma mater
  • Provides focal point for visits after graduation
  • Can remain active in fraternity all through life
  • Provides assistance with career guidance
  • Friendships continued and made anew throughout life through alumni

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