ASP National President Fiat Macarambon’s speech during ASP Palawan’s 30th Anniversary (June 23, 2018)

My heartfelt acknowledgement to all of you, my beloved brothers and sisters in the Alpha Sigma Phi – Palawan Island, those coming from Delta Beta Chapter, Palawan State University, Puerto Princesa City; Delta Lambda Chapter of Aborlan Palawan; Epsilon Nu Chapter of Palawan State University, Narra, Palawan; Epsilon Rho Chapter, Palawan State University, Roxas Palawan and Delte Leta Chapetr Palawan State University, Rizal, Palawan. The outgoing and incoming (just inducted) newly elected Officers,, Guests, Friends, Ladies, and Gentlemen, allow me to convey to you my greetings of peace and harmony, Assalamo Alaikom! A very , very pleasant evening to all of us!

This is my very first to be joining you in this kind of special event being the National President of the Alpha Sigma Phi, Philippines here in the beautiful Islands of Palawan and I could feel the warmth of your invitation and accommodation on this occasion – the Oath taking Ceremony side by side with the 30th Founding Anniversary celebration of ASP – Palawan. I take pride in joining you today as this is an opportune time for me to be talking to you and be able to share with you some of the plans at hand such as programs and projects that will be beneficial and significant to the organization’s growth and stability. I will also appreciate hearing from you doable suggestions and proposalshat will help strengthen our organization make it even stronger and united.

If there‘s one reason why I accepted the challenge to take the National Presidency, it’s because I wanted to make a difference by taking risks of reconciling the long standing animosities between factioned groups or chapters in our place because I have been campaigning for reconciliation and unification but things are manageable as long as communication lines are open. I have never lost hope that one day this will happen, Godwilling. I ask you to join me in this crusade because I believe peace and unity are the key to prosperity and progress. Thus, I earnestly hope, that here in Palawan our brotherhood and sisterhood , are getting ok and better. Let us talk as well as listen to each other with open hearts and minds, I believe you can do it.

In Iligan City, we are about to open our new ASP Headquarters there where you can drop in if you happen to visit there and you are all most welcome there and have some coffee and cookies. We are also going to launch our official website very soon so we’ll keep in touch with each other. Furthermore, I am looking forward to expanding our membership and this will be open to qualified applicants and when I say qualified, they are those who apparently possess qualities of Alphans, alam nyo na. I am also looking into the possibility of opening new chapters hopefully.

These are just bird’s – eye view of some of my plans for our organization. I cannot promise you everything but I assure you that I will do my best to the right things for the Alpha Sigma Phi and with your help, support and cooperation, together we can make things happen, Inshaa Allah. Godwilling.

As you all know, I am a politician in our place. I am also a businessman before I became a politician. Our family has been into the construction industry. God knows how I try my best to juggle my time. I am a father, a husband and Fratman. You can just imagine how busy I am, yet, I still manage to put things in proper perspective and directions. Well, it’s all about “time-management” and “first thing first”
and others follow suit, minsan palusot 🙂

Kidding aside, seriously, my deep gratitude to our Brods and Sis is immeasurable and boundless because I have to admit that they played and still play a very vital role in my political undertakings for they never left in my political fights without being told nor forced to do so. They come to me and unconditionally lend their helping hands, they constantly give unsolicited advices and ideas. Their time and presence count so much in my victories truly they’re brothers and sisters to me – kaya tumatanaw naman ako ng utang na loob at hindi ko rin sila iniiwan. Hindi ko kayo iiwan. Walang iwanan!

To the new set of officers and members, my snappy salute to all of you. May you continue to demonstrate genuine dedication and loyalty to our dear Alpha sigma Phi and imbibe or instill in our minds and hearts the real agenda and goals of our organization. This is more than just a fraternity and sorority, this is more of service and commitment to humanity with the hope that we can somehow contribute and do something “to better the man”. To the best we can, let us try and do our best to become nation builders this is very possible if we will just do our part to make our country a better place to live in.

Hence, I concur with your Anniversary Theme for this year that says, “Growing Stronger, Getting Deeper, Reaching Higher.” And tonight is “A Night in Three Decades: Reminiscing our Journey and Humble beginnings.” Let me join you tonight as we together reminisce our journeys today and the years to come.

Thank you very much and more power to us, Alphans! Mabuhay ang Alpha Sigma Phi!

National President
Alpha Sigma Phi Philippines

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