Alpha Sigma Phi Statement for Jolo, Sulu Fire Victims

office of the president statement for jolo, sulu fire victims

Today our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of the Municipality of Jolo, Province of Sulu in the aftermath of this Tuesday’s conflagration which is considered as the worst fire in Sulu in recent years. According to government sources, around 5,000 families with more than 30,000 dependents were displaced, and some 3,000 houses were razed by the 10-hour massive fire. While initial assistance was being provided to the evacuees by different line agencies of the ARMM and the National Government, there is still an urgent need to provide assistance from our end, particularly to our brothers and sisters, and their respective families, who are adversely affected, namely:

  1. Brod. Hji. Juliebee M. Musan
  2. Brod. Abdulla Sumail
  3. Brod. Abubakar Daud
  4. Brod. Gajir Sawadi
  5. Brod. Omar Undug
  6. Brod. Abdulsahur Dhocks Isad
  7. Brod. Murphy Sabtal
  8. Brod. Macoy Aguil
  9. Sis. Mudzna Jumdana
  1. Sis. Dairyl Basari
  2. Brod. Nadzkar Halud
  3. Brod. Nixon Sangkula
  4. Brod. Marwan Abdulmandangan
  5. Brod. Albar Sahadi
  6. Brod. Yasher Muksan
  7. Brod. Abrajan Arabain
  8. Brod. Aldrin Juljani

For those who intend to donate cash, you may send your donations to the following bank accounts of our National Treasurer:

Account Name: Jalanie A. Puno
SA Number: 1653-1017-1759 

Account Name: Jalanie A. Puno
SA Number: 0080-0098-0344

Kindly send a copy of your deposit slips to or just send it to the Messenger inbox of Jalanie Ali Puno, for confirmation of your donation.

I want to sincerely thank the dedicated first responders who have been working tirelessly since Tuesday to contain the situation and help the displaced residents. We will be in direct contact with our ASP Patikul Chairman Brod. Datu Teddy I. Bahjin and our local partners on the ground to make sure that our brothers and sisters have everything they need. As their families and the other residents pull together in the wake of this awful tragedy, they will have the unwavering support of the the Alpha Sigma Phi.

National President

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