About Alpha Sigma Phi Philippines

Our History

There are four separate university fraternities which are using the Greek name Alpha Sigma Phi in the Philippines:

  • Gregorio Araneta University Foundation (founded in 1952)
  • University of the East, Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center, College of Medicine (1959)
  • Central Mindanao University (1959)
  • Silliman University (1965)

The chapter at Central Mindanao University originally used the name “Agricultural Students of the Philippines”, with the Greek letters Alpha Sigma Phi as acronym, while the chapter at Silliman University, organized in 1965, used the name Alpha Sigma Phi based on a research from Baird’s Manual of American College Fraternities. Both these chapters organized daughter chapters in different schools, and as their membership grew it became inevitable that members learned of each other’s existence and origins.

In 1972, the chapter at Silliman University sent invitations to schools nationwide inviting all existing fraternities using the name Alpha Sigma Phi to join them in a National Convention. Of the four original fraternities, only the chapters originating from Silliman University and Central Mindanao University participated in the national convention, and formed what is now known as Alpha Sigma Phi Philippines, Inc. After years of communications and exchange visits, the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity in the USA and Alpha Sigma Phi Philippines, Inc. created the “International Council of Alpha Sigma Phi”. The Philippine organization reflects the values and many of the traditions and practices of the American fraternity, but admits women members and has an equal number of Muslim and Christian members in its fold. Its main thrust remains the holistic development of the youth in schools, its commitment to scholarship, leadership, and the advocacy of peace.

Over the ensuing years, more than 100 Alpha Sigma Phi chapters have been chartered at universities and colleges in different parts of the country.

The Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity of the UERM College of Medicine was established specifically for the medical students of the medical center. It exists as a purely local medical fraternity with no affiliations or chapters.

A peaceful and progressive community of Alpha Sigs through professional and competent conduct of ethics between and among the members in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Our Vision

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Our Mission

1. Provide a healthy venue for personality development and skills in leadership through continuous trainings;

2. Continuous updates through conferences, conclaves and conventions;

3. Make ALPHA SIGMA PHI PHILIPPINES, INC. financially stable so that it can support its programs and projects.

Our Purpose

  1. Foster lifetime brotherhood and sisterhood.
  2. It shall be the catalyst of excellence in the performance of duty, implementation of programs and projects and a globally competitive organization in every field of endeavor.
  3. It shall embody the aspirations of members nationwide as a decent unit in society.
  4. It shall be the venue of being respected, of being respectful and of being innovative;
  5. It shall be the mouthpiece of the members, nationwide, wherein their sentiments, grievances on issues affecting them are ventilated and brought to the government official(s) or entity(s) concerned;
  6. Protect the interests, defend the rights and promote the general welfare of the members.

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